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Mobility Products Shop Stoke on Trent

Castle Comfort  is the region's favourite mobility products shop offering a range of daily living aids to suit every budget. Established in 1997, Castle Comfort is a great help for many people in the Staffordshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Shropshire (Salop) areas, as it is so easy to get to, and offers free parking right by the door - which is pretty rare these days with town centres being difficult to get your car anywhere near -and parking charges being far to high.

If you are in need of a mobility aid to help with your independence at home you don't want to have to tackle pavements or have to walk far in order to have a good look round.

For local people we even offer a door to door pickup service by our friendly staff, and can also arrange for an in-home demonstration of a riser recliner chair or stairlift if you would like us to arrange that.

Please call us on 08000 832 797 to enquire about how we can help you.

Our mobility shop sells top branded quality mobility aids like walking sticks, walkers, wheelchairs, scooters, riser recliner chairs, adjustable beds, bathing aids and stairlifts. For a detailed account of which mobility products we can help with go here-  We also offer an advisory service for other daily living aids like raised toilet seats and commodes, grab handles, wide fit slippers, zimmer frames and other assorted items and equipment including those required for incontinence.

Here is some info on the zimmer frame, if you are looking for one in Stoke on trent.

Zimmer frames
At Comfort Centre Mobility Products in Newcastle under Lyme,  we are always delighted when  folks come to see us and leave with a smile on their faces. Sometimes they leave laughing their socks off (even disabled socks.) Why? Because we share the same building as one of the principle doctors´practices in Wolstanton Village. Often, after visiting the doctor, and maybe being given further medicine or a reminder that they are ´not as young as they used to be' people pop in to see what we have on offer.

Regular visitors to Stoke on Trent´s most well-known mobility products store, know that at least they get a cuppa!  But ... does a cuppa alone make them laugh? No - WE DO..  see this ............

Amusement is especially guaranteed if  our beloved and highly respected Doctor Stirling is around.  Please see Dr S's life story here, to refresh memories up with a few of the remarkable things that have gone on in his  86 years. Many of his former patients are unaware of some of the facts about the life of this very special medic. 
Also, a  take  a quick our cartoon website, then you´ll believe Dr S´s claim  100%  that indeed...  'laughter is the best medicine.'
If further evidence of humour being a vital ingredient of a happy old age, then just look at this photo here ..

Do you know about blow up Zimmer frames! One was brought in to our Staffordshire mobility showroom by one of our clients some years ago,  a lady who herself uses a walking frame.  A touch tired of her grandchildren begging for a 'quick go' of Nan´s 'aid to safe transport' - she bought one for them to amuse themselves with. 

THE MANUFACTURERS DO STRESS, HOWEVER,  THAT AN INFLATABLE ZIMMER FRAME IS A NOVELTY ITEM AND NOT FOR USE AS A TOY.  At Wolstanton we intend to keep one on show, but they are a little hard to get, and amused visitors buy them from us at cost price (a modest three pounds each) as fast as we can get them.
The instructions curiously advise -  'Ideal for the decrepit and all washed up. Please drive carefully.'
But whilst most in need of  Zimmer frames may not feel too amused about the subject, we hope a little chuckle may boost the spirits.

Please call us for fast and courteous help whatever your personal requirements. We are always glad to help.

Below are a couple of testimonial videos's from past repeat customers of Castle Comfort who have both decided that we are the firm to deal with when it comes to buying different daily living aids in Stoke on Trent.


  1. That massage chair looks wonderful and it seems like the lady uses it for mobility reasons every day.
    What price can I get one of those for?

  2. Yes, it is very comfortable and soothing for mobility complaints. We occasionally get massage chairs through as ex-demonstration models which are surprisingly affordable. Why not visit our mobility shop and try one out for yourself?

  3. Do massage chairs just massage the back ? or is it possible to get a neck or leg massage included ?

    1. All our massage chairs include a comprehensive programme that covers specific areas of the body.
      Some of our massage chairs have programmes where just the neck or legs are selected. So yes, Cheshire Golfer, there is a lot of choice and flexibility - just call us on 01782 611411 or pop in to our Newcastle under Lyme showrooms for further explanation and a trial.

  4. Nice info - we didn't know you could help as much as you do with th smaller mobility aids and gadgets that are around. My auntie has found the mobility stairlift and mobility chair great. Now I'll tell her to let me know (as she still doesn't speak, after twenty years in the UK, much English!) if she needs these things like grab handles, a raised toilet seat or maybe a zimmer frame. Thanks. - Ruben

    1. Your comments are appreciated, Ruben. A further response to this one follows below in Spanish, which we hope will be of interest to your aunt.
      We can put your aunt in touch with supplier of common mobility aids we know are in demand such
      as -
      a commode, (temporary or fixed furniture standard commodes) crutches, Zimmer frames, slippers for problematic feet, a can opener for arthritis sufferers, phones with large buttons, cot sides, grab handles, wheelchair hire, stools for showers, raised toilet seats, holders for car disabled passes, outdoor key boxes and cushions for wheelchairs, dillonguards, back scratchers etc.

      But there are also thousands of mobility/disability items that are not quote as common and not so obvious - and listed here are just a few ‘CANNOT’ situations that for an older or disabled person – need a solution.


      If someone .....

      Can't pick up and hold a mugs of coffee with either hand.
      Cannot turn or control those knobs on a cooker with their hands
      Cannot pick up or carry a pints of milk or squeeze the excess water from a sponge
      Can't pick up a small objects such as safety pins with any hand.
      Has trouble picking up and pouring from a full kettle or serving food from pans
      using a spoons
      or ladles
      Has difficulty unscrewing the lid of a coffee jar, using writing implements
      Cannot pick up and carry a bag of potatoes with either hand.
      Has difficulty wringing out light washing or using scissors
      Can pick up and hold a mugs of tea or coffee with one hand but not necessarily the other
      Is able to turn a tap or control knob with one only
      Can squeeze the water from a sponges and dish cloths, with one hand only
      Can pick up a tint objects such as a safety pin with one hand - but just one only
      Has difficulty tying bows in laces or string.

      Struggles to tell by the light where the windows are situated
      Cannot see the shapes of furniture items in the rooms.
      Can't see well enough to recognise a friend if close to his or her face.
      Cannot see well enough to recognise a friends even at an arm's length away
      Cannot see well enough to read the newspapers' headlines
      Cannot focus well enough to read a large print, no matter how large

      Cannot see well enough to recognise friends across a room even a small room
      Cannot see well enough to recognise a friend across the street
      Has difficulty seeing to comprehend ordinary newspaper print and pictures.

      To sum up - a simple inexpensive mobility or home aid product can make the world of difference

      to someone who has even the slightest incapacity due to age or illness.

    2. Sus comentarios son apreciados, Rubén. Podemos poner a su tía en contacto con el proveedor de ayudas para la movilidad comunes que conocemos hay tanta demanda
      como -
      un inodoro, (temporales o fijos inodoros estándar de muebles) muletas, andadores, zapatillas para los pies problemáticos, un abrelatas para los enfermos de artritis, teléfonos con botones grandes, caras cuna, asideros, alquiler de sillas de ruedas, sillas de ducha, asientos elevados para inodoro, los titulares de pases minusválidos, al aire libre cajas principales y cojines para sillas de ruedas, dillonguards, rascadores de espalda, etc

      Pero también hay miles de productos de movilidad / discapacidad que no se citan como común y no tan obvio - y aquí son sólo unos pocos "no puede" situaciones que para una persona de edad avanzada o discapacitados - necesitan una solución.


      Si alguien .....

      No se puede recoger y mantener a las tazas de café con ambas manos.
      No se puede girar o controlar los mandos en una olla con la mano
      No se puede recoger o llevar un litro y medio de leche o exprimir el exceso de agua de una esponja
      No se puede recoger unos objetos pequeños como alfileres de gancho con cualquier mano.
      Tiene problemas para recoger y verter en un recipiente lleno o servir la comida de las bandejas
      usando una cuchara o cucharas
      Tiene dificultad para desenroscar la tapa de un tarro de café, utilizando instrumentos de escritura.
      No se puede recoger y llevar una bolsa de patatas con cualquier mano.
      Tiene dificultad para escurrir la luz lavado o el uso de tijeras
      Se puede recoger y mantener a las tazas de té o café con una mano, pero no necesariamente el otro.
      Es capaz de convertir un grifo o perilla de control con un solo
      Se puede exprimir el agua de un esponjas y paños de cocina, con una sola mano.
      Puede tomar un tinte objetos tales como un perno de seguridad con una sola mano - pero sólo un único
      Tiene dificultad para atar lazos en cordones o cuerdas.

      Tiene dificultad para ver por la luz donde las ventanas están situadas
      No se pueden ver las formas de los muebles en las habitaciones.
      No se puede ver lo suficientemente bien como para reconocer a un amigo si cerca de su cara.
      No se puede ver lo suficientemente bien como para reconocer un grupo de amigos, incluso a la distancia de un brazo de distancia
      No se puede ver lo suficiente para leer los titulares de los periódicos
      No puede enfocar lo suficiente para leer una letra grande, no importa lo grande

      No se puede ver lo suficientemente bien como para reconocer amigos a través de una habitación, incluso una pequeña habitación de madera
      No se puede ver lo suficientemente bien como para reconocer a un amigo al otro lado de la calle
      Tiene dificultad para ver de comprender periódico corriente impresión e imágenes.

      Para resumir, - una movilidad sencilla de bajo costo o producto ayuda en casa puede hacer un mundo de diferencia

      a alguien que tenga el más mínimo incapacidad por edad o enfermedad.

  5. Can I drive right to your door and park for free?

    1. Yes you can. We have a ramp right into the showroom and can wheel you in in a wheelchair if walking is difficult.

  6. You made me laugh with your inflatable zimmer frame!

    1. That is the idea Yolanda, laughter is the best medicine and folk needing mobility aids (whether a zimmer frame or not) need just that!
      A disability or phyisical restriction due to illness, or age, is often not curable .. so LAUGHTER IS LONGEVITY.
      Long live laughter .. & stay mobile

  7. 'Zimmer' sounds almost an Argentine surname (I originate from there) - well certainly not someone from Stoke on Trent. Blow up zimmer frames ... I guess, come from your Staffordshire sense of dry humour Castle Comfort -very good to make mobility customers smile a bit. But who was Mr or Mrs Zimmer? And when was this magical walking frame invented?

  8. I think that Zimmer were the company who invented the magic walking frame - and I think there maybe a blog about this by Castle Comfort Centre somewhere !


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