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Mobility Products Cheshire

Mobility Products Shops in Cheshire

This feature (like its sister mobility blog) has had the most amazing response in our history of our Internet bulletins.

In just over three weeks, we have had more mobility products enquiries than ever - with folk searching for help and advice on home aids from lots of towns and villages. Read on to find out just how many have found us.
As expected, most of them come from Stoke on Trent as that is where our mobility products showroom is located.
Take a look below to see how near we are to those making the short journey from south Cheshire.

(In fact there have been over 180 as we write)  ... almost 100 from Newcastle under Lyme and a total of 125 enquiries from some of Cheshire's main towns: Including Wilmslow, Congleton,Alderley Edge, Macclesfield and Sandbach with a handful of contacts from residents of small villages and hamlets that, we confess,  we have never even heard of!
mobility products shops in cheshire
Acton Bridge, Cheshire rings a bell, but some places with strange names really puzzled us - for example - Antrobus, Bruera, Soss Moss, (near Macclesfield, and famous we now learn, for a 16th century hall and a hospital.  Then we have obscure place names such as  Prior's Heys, Wimbold's Trafford, Saughall and Tilston.  Bucklow Hill is a touch more familiar, but the hamlet Dawpool is previously unheard of.
However, we are informed by a recently acquired customer of Castle Comfort Mobility , a Mr Ernest Greenun, that - Coole Pilate  is indeed famous. At least it will be to to many 2nd world war veterans, as this parish (of just 60 residents now) was where a Home Guard platoon was based.
Finally,Capenhurst (home of a 50 metre communications tower controlled by the American communications giant Urenco ) certainly had the staff at Castle Comfort practising on their sat navs to locate these places.
Brochures were posted out for a huge variety of home help aids to all who contacted us, and it is expected that soon home visits and deliveries of products will soon be made along some of the lesser-known country lanes in the delightful county of Cheshire. And as this comment section was being compiled, a telephone call came in from the bizarrely titled hamlet of Golborne Bellow and another enquiry from the web landed  from Ince village - near Ellesmere Port.   
A noteable conclusion to these comments... and we thought this enquiry was a wind-up, was from a retired farmer in Cheshire seeking some mobility socks for his incapacitated wife. HE GAVE HIS ADDRESS AS STOKE IN CHESHIRE!!  There is a Stoke in Cheshire which is in fact a hamlet near Nantwich with a population of about 20. The name Stoke incidentally, means "hamlet", from the Anglo-Saxon meaning place - a fact that few Stoke on Trent residents are aware of.
It is quite a fascinating experience discovering the existence of these places in Cheshire, so us Stokies, (though we don´t like this description of us)  or Castleblacks - consulted our our old friend Wikipedia, for a comprehensive list. Here it is.
So if you live in Cheshire, and we (or Wiki in their article) have missed off your place please tell us. Here's our main list to add to the list of smaller places already mentioned.

Alderley Edge, Cheshire
Betley, Cheshire
Broadbottom, Cheshire
Cheadle, Cheshire
Chester, Cheshire
Congleton, Cheshire
Crewe, Cheshire
Ellesmere Port, Cheshire
Frodsham, Cheshire
Hollingworth, Cheshire
Knutsford, Cheshire
Lymm, Cheshire
Macclesfield, Cheshire
Madeley Heath, Cheshire
Malpas, Cheshire
Middlewich, Cheshire
Nantwich, Cheshire
Neston, Cheshire
Northwich, Cheshire
Onneley, Cheshire
Runcorn, Cheshire
Sandbach, Cheshire
Stockport, Cheshire
Tarporley, Cheshire
Warrington, Cheshire
Widnes, Cheshire
Wilmslow, Cheshire
Winsford, Cheshire
Woore, Cheshire
Wrinehill, Cheshire

Our sister mobility products blog will soon have it's own study of lesser known places in Staffordshire, that enquiries for mobility aids has come from. So any comments or requested for contributions will be received with thanks.


  1. Alsager Cheshire - known for its Golf Club in particular, luckily with lots of healthy members who don´t yet need mobility products!

  2. This is a very good policy advising on mobility poducts, as it is very necessary for people who have a problem to do something about it. In addition to Crewe, folk in the whole of Cheshire , can contact the offices of Castle Comfort whose staff are people that have even been known to give things away!

  3. there is a little town called tarvin that would like to hear from you! add to your list for mobility
    as we will all be needing you soon!

    1. We are writing a separate blog in Tarvin soon Salamba, as apparantly quite lot of Cheshire history abounds around there - and not just relating to mobility product issues!


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